Printing from the HP Indigo Press features:
Lower cost on runs from 10 to 500 sheets (what is meant by a "sheet"?) : The HP Indigo Press uses direct to press imaging technology, bypassing film, plates and "make-ready" steps of traditional offset printing. This translates into cheaper cost per sheet over conventional printing on runs up to 500 sheets.

Real Ink, smooth finish: The HP Indigo Press uses industry standard offset inks to image your creative designs to paper for a smooth professional finish. Other direct to press technologies use thick plastic toners or non-standard inks which leave a waxy or odd appearance.

Variable data custom printing: Each printed sheet is imaged and printed in one step on the The HP Indigo Press. This means each and every page is a unique print and can be customized using a database. The variable data feature includes in-line text, photographs and artwork. Some possible uses for variable data printing are on-the-fly addressing of postcards and mailers and color certificates.

Quality printing on the Heidelberg QuickMaster DI:
Like the HP Indigo, the Heidelberg QuickMaster DI is a direct to press device. The QuickMaster DI is a platesetter and a press in one machine. This makes the DI a cost effective solution when you need fast turnaround high quality print runs between 500 and 10,000 sheets (what is meant by a sheet)?